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Who is Rubi G?

Rubi G. made her debut on July 22, 2008. This was the first time I courageously stepped on an open mic stage in Harlem, NY. Although I’ve been writing poetry since the seventh grade, the muse was birthed after walking away from a psychologically abusive relationship of six years. Once I learned my lesson and saw the truth of my reality, I managed to escape the misery that was my life. I freed myself and sealed that chapter for good. But nothing felt as good as liberating the potent & mystical poet within, with nothing but a pen in my hand y un chin de flow in my swag. 

That is Rubi G.-- the one who turned her self-pity into power & her pain into poetry. 

The page is a sacred space where I practice intimacy by exposing truth and vulnerability to myself and then to others. Therefore, if you’re here, please know that you will meet the most authentic version of me because the page does not lie. I am eternally grateful to you and pray my gift of writing inspires you to follow the whispers of your heart. Fortunately for me, my heart speaks through the pen, and for that reason, I always follow the ink (or inktuition- as I lovingly call it) while encouraging others to do the same.  

Dearest  Reader, I welcome you to witness the journey and evolution of the Goddess, the Gifted, the Greñua– Poeta Rubí (con acento en la í cause we Dominican out here.)

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