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500 [words] on 500 [days of yoga]

I never set out to complete a five-hundred-day yoga journey because working out at home never appealed to me. But after dabbling in several thirty-day yoga challenges, I had to admit that an at-home practice was everything I didn’t know I needed, especially because a studio membership was a luxury I could not afford.

What I’ve learned is that an at-home practice allows me to balance, ground, and refresh on my own terms. When working on writing/poetry projects, preparing for big events, or becoming overstimulated by motherhood and the amount of testosterone in the house, I need ways to manage those obligations. Now, hopping on the mat is a part of my daily routine as is showering, drinking coffee, and walking the dog. It is a meeting of mind, body, and spirit that allows me to regroup before going down a rabbit hole.

Keeping a consistent practice is not easy but it isn’t as difficult as we make it out to be either. Intentionally choosing to show up for yourself is as simple as setting a daily reminder on your phone or swapping out a mindless activity for as little as fifteen minutes a day. It's a sacrifice that needs to be made, every day. This practice offers my children and others a calmer, more creative, and courageous version of myself.

There are challenging days, especially in this current climate where we empaths have a tendency to absorb the evil and injustices of this world. But now I know how to get a hold of these emotions before they overtake me. I know to acknowledge and feel them, while also offering myself an abundant amount of grace. This practice has taught me to repeatedly seek peace by making choices that honor my emotional well-being. I know to ask for what I need of myself and others– be it space, grace, time, or affection. Yoga gives me permission to pause, breathe, and regroup when sadness, rage, restlessness, or resistance are at their peak.

Will I continue counting the days? I want to but there’s no need. Showing up daily helps me cope with internal struggles I can’t sometimes name. I’ve swapped out psychotropic medications for a yoga mat and that seems to be working for me. Additionally, I’ve broken my record on multiple occasions. I now know what I am capable of and what it takes to get there. And stay there.

What I know is that I did it for me. Although it feels great to brag about having completed five hundred days of consecutive yoga, it was never about that. I wanted to see what it would be like to keep going, to see what athletes or daily practitioners of anything find so enticing about showing up every day. Now I know it opens doors– to clarity, strength, contentment, acceptance, and overall alignment. It was a mountain that needed to be climbed to prove to myself that I could do absolutely anything at all. And so can you!


So, if you need a little nudge or have some questions on how to begin a long-term yoga journey, feel free to reach out. Also, if you'd like to further support my journey by sponsoring anything yoga-related (teacher training, studio membership, or gear), let's talk!

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