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introspection amidst the chaos

Upon arriving home from my one day at the office and after absorbing the blasphemy of what transpired at our nation's capital yesterday, spirit urged me to rid myself of that negative energy.

Currently, I am in the process of editing what I hope will become my first poetry chapbook. My writing buddy and I rely on one another for accountability purposes and for inspiration just like we did throughout the NanoWrimo process in November. And so, when she contacted me in the morning to let me know she was getting ready to edit her project, I felt the call to do the same once I got home. She agreed to hold me accountable by checking in later that evening to ensure I kept my word. Throughout the day, I was looking forward to engaging with my work but this time it was coming from a place of urgency and desire, not from a place of coercion, like many things in my life feel during this pandemic. This project has been on hold because I feared I wasn't ready to recreate poems that were written more than a decade ago. But when you have mentors, friends, and relatives that believe in your potential, you have no choice but to push past your limiting beliefs and soar.

With the intention to continue pursuing my writing goals and projects in 2021, I am learning to set myself up for success. I am learning to trust the process by not resisting the flow. I am listening to my intuition more while incorporating rituals that have proven to be essential to my growth as a writer. Yesterday, I felt the pull to protect my energy and my craft by doing the following:

  1. Taking a warm shower as soon as I arrived home to remove the gunk picked up on the train and on social media throughout the day.

  2. Slipping into some bright and cozy pajamas that hubby gifted me for Christmas. They definitely brightened my spirit and made me feel extra cute and comfy.

  3. While setting up my laptop and writing materials in the guest room, which is also my writing space of choice, I boiled water for some pomegranate blueberry acai green tea to JOYfully while editing.

  4. Gathered two vessels of water (one for drinking and the other for spiritual purposes like I learned from a grounded, successful, writer and magic maker known as Peggy Robles- Alvarado). With my water vessels in tow and a soft-scented candle, I silently recited my intentions for the session while inviting the muse and her friends to join me in the process.

  5. Lastly, I turned on my lo-fi playlist and began to lovingly edit my works of art.

Without even realizing it, two hours had gone by and I felt amazing, light, and accomplished. I immediately contacted my writing buddy to check-in for the day.

I tried my best to preserve that energy until I went to bed by not allowing social media or the news to disrupt my peaceful vibes.

On that note, fellow reader, I hope that you make time for your well-being and your craft, even when the world is crumbling.

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