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i am thirty-fly

Hello Lisa,

You’re 35 now. Can you believe that? 35. What a beautiful thing. To be grateful for making it this long on this earth. For the Lord’s grace in allowing you to breathe another day. Another year.

I pray that this year, Lisa, you step into your full potential. Unapologetically. That you become the YOU’est you, you’ve ever been. That you continue to fulfill your God-given talents. That you honor God by honoring your gift. I pray that you live an authentic life and that you’re brave enough to cut cords that no longer serve you, that no longer brings you joy. I pray that you remove your self-imposed barriers. That you step out of the box you placed yourself into. In the grand scheme of things, none of that matters. What matters is that you listen intently. That you hear what I am trying to say to you. That you trust that I have MAJOR PLANS for your life but I need you to breathe. I need you to start stepping out of your comfort zone. I need you to believe that there is hope and that just because you’ve been at this place of comfort for nine years, that this is it. It is not, baby girl. You’ve completed the cycle. 9 years is enough. 9 is divine and trust me when I tell you that you’ve fulfilled your duties. You committed to trying your best and you did that and more. Although there were times when you didn’t enjoy doing the job, you did so lovingly anyway. Please finish out the job. As joyfully and as positively as possible. Believe that you will not return to home visits. You will continue to do the best you can while still in quarantine. You will succeed. You will move on to bigger and better things. You’re already spreading your wings boo, it's happening. Trust me and trust you. You’re a pretty big fuckin deal, girl. You got gifts. A whole lot of gifts. You’re stepping into BIG things. I am proud of you. I love you. Oh and I absolutely love who you’re becoming. You know yourself. You know your boundaries. You know your space. You know who the fuck you are. Now start talking, walking, and looking like her. Ok boo? We got work to do honey bunches. So let’s get to it.

Remember! Stay positive, breathe, write, and say yes to everything that sets your soul on fire. Say yes to everything you want to say yes to. Grow BIG. No more playing small. Ok?

Cheers to Thirty-Fly Ma!

Let’s leap

Let’s fly

You’re a butterfly!


The Goddess within you

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